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Tattoo Removal

It isn't necessary to treat most birthmarks medically. But if some loudly visible birthmarks are affecting your confidence you can consider getting them removed or making them less visible. Birthmarks/Tattoos on your face, arms, and neck are mostly removed as they are on the highly noticeable regions of your body. Sometimes your dermatologist might suggest giving medical attention to a birthmark or a tattoo as a precaution. The Skin Doctors specialize in delivering effective and painless Tattoo and Birth Mark Removal Procedures with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 


Prominent birthmarks/tattoo will require treatment like:

  • Laser Therapy: 

  • Laser Therapy is more effective on infants till they are one year old. But it is operated on adults as well.

  • Laser therapy is mainly used for lightening red birthmarks by shrinking blood vessels.

  • Surgery:

  • The birthmark is surgically removed using a scalpel. 

  • Medication:

  • In some cases, beta-blocker medicines are prescribed to reduce blood flow and shrink the blood vessels to make birthmarks less noticeable.

  • The marks mostly disappear, and any remains can be surgically removed.


The Skin Doctors are here to address all your needs and provide you with desired results. We use cutting-edge technology with FDA-approved standards and ensure patient safety. Contact us to know more about the treatments and discuss with our experts what is best for you.

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