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About Us

The Skin Doctors is  providing the finest skin care, cosmetic and hair care treatments with latest machines and technology. Our three branches is the result of treating more than 50000+ patients & dedicated efforts. The Skin Doctors is equipped clean infrastructure, hygienic environment and well trained staff. Our talented doctors take great care of all your skin and hair requirements like Acne Treatment, Acne Scar Removal, Laser Hair Reduction, Pigmentation, Fillers, Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing, Chemical Peeling, Skin Tightening, Tattoo Removal, Pre-Bridal, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries. We always aim to treat our patients and give their skin and hair a new life of hope and confidence. We wish everyone lives their beautiful life with healthy skin and hair. At The Skin Doctors we understand that everyone’s skin is different and needs personalized treatment and care. Our USFDA approved light & laser technologies ensure minimal side-effects and a quicker recovery. We rely on world-class infrastructure to be able to provide our patients with the best possible treatment.  At The Skin Doctors, we go above and beyond to provide that personalized and efficient medical treatment for all, which makes all our patients feel right at home.

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Our Talented Doctors


Dr. Vijay Nagdev

MD (General Medicine), DDV

Founder and owner of The Skin Doctors. He is highly qualified dermatologist, cosmetologist and hair transplant surgeon in Pune. He is specialized in number of treatments related to skin and hair. With the help of internationally certified machines and latest technology he has treated more than 50000+ patients with 100% satisfaction rate. He practices in all three branches of The Skin Doctors.


Dr. Pooja Tilwani Nagdev


Co-founder and owner of The Skin Doctors. She is a dermatologist and cosmetologist in Aesthetic Dermatology at her own clinic. She has an experience of more than a decade in above fields. Specialized and experienced in all types of skin and hair related problems & their medical solutions. Practicing in all three branches of The Skin Doctors, she has treated patients from all over the country.

Our Success Story




Our decades of experience has resulted in patient satisfaction in terms of consultation, treatment & overall service.

The Skin Doctors


We are successfully operating our 3 branches in Pune & soon will be launch a new branch to treat our patients at a wide scale.



Each employee at The Skin Doctors is hired through a tough process resulting in talented & experienced team at each of our branches.

US-FDA approved machines


Each of our branches is equipped with USFDA approved machines, resulting in accurate treatments of our patients and their recovery