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The skin produces a pigment called melanin which gives color to the skin. Pigmentation is the color of your skin that varies by the amount of melanin produced by your body. Special cells in the skin are responsible for the production of melanin. When these cells are damaged, melanin production is affected and directly blemishes the skin. The changes caused by this might affect a patch of your skin or affects the entire body.

Too much melanin production in the body makes your skin darker, and on the other hand, too little production of melanin makes your skin color lighter.


Depending on the amount of melanin produced by the body, there are two types of pigmentation hyperpigmentation and hypo-pigmentation. 

An excess melanin-producing condition is called hyperpigmentation.

So why does hyperpigmentation occur?

  •  Pregnancy: The hormone level fluctuates rapidly in a woman during pregnancy, and affects melanin production.

  • Sun exposure: Too much exposure to the sun can lead to excess production of melanin and darkens the patches of your skin.

  •  Drugs: Intake of some specific drugs can lead to an increase in the levels of melanin.

  •  Age: Age is an unavoidable factor that leads to pigmentation on your skin. With age, the production of melatonin is significantly affected.

Hypo-pigmentation occurs when the melanin levels decrease.

Causes for hypo-pigmentation-

  •  Genetics: The leading cause of hypo-pigmentation is genetics. Genetic conditions can cause to disrupt the levels of melanin and bring out light color patches on your skin. Several medical conditions caused by this factor are vitiligo, albinism, etc.


Depending upon the quantity of melanin produced inside the body the treatments differ. The Skin Doctors will help you to develop a suitable treatment as per the symptoms shown by your skin.

The treatment will be planned according to your condition to provide relief and ease the symptoms.

  Treatments provided are-

  •  Chemical Peels

  •  Dermabrasion

  •  Laser Resurfacing

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