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Mole Removal

Moles are the unwanted extra growth on your skin, usually black or brown. Moles may appear anywhere on the skin, in groups, or alone. As you grow some hair develops into moles. It is normal to have 10 to 15 moles till you attain adulthood. Some moles appear in early childhood, some occur by the time you turn 25. With time some moles change, and some also disappear.

Moles are of two types-

  • Congenital Nevi are the moles that are present at birth. This condition occurs in 1 out of 100 people.

  • Dysplastic Nevi are moles that look different in shape from a common mole and are larger than average.

Both types of moles have the potential to develop into melanoma(cancer). Dysplastic nevi have a slightly more possibility to develop into cancer. Get yourself urgently checked for the moles if they look different. 


Moles tend to occur when skin cells grow in a cluster and don’t spread evenly around the skin.  

Exposure to the sun can change the texture and color of a mole.

Most moles are harmless, but you should keep an eye on their behavior. Some people tend to have cancerous moles. Check if the moles are painful, itching, or bleeding, and reach out to your Dermatologist.


The Skin Doctors will first examine the mole, conduct some tests and evaluate the cause.

  • If the mole is cancerous, the doctors will carve out the entire mole from the skin by performing a surgery. 

  • If you are self-conscious about a mole, The Skin Doctors will help you surgically remove the mole and be confident about yourself.

  • Laser Removal: The laser beam is directed toward the cells that form the mole. The mole detaches itself from the skin, the skin remains intact.

The Skin Doctors, Pune provide the best-in-class skin care treatments. Our patient’s trust and safety is of the utmost importance. Have a chat with our experts and know more about what will suit you and help you become the special you.

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