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Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo is a skin condition that causes light color patches on the skin, beginning with hands, forearms, feet, and face, and can develop on any part of the body. Vitiligo is the lightning of the skin that can spread over the body, additionally, hair on the regions can also turn white-colored.

In most cases, the condition develops from the age of 10 to 30.

Vitiligo occurs in about 1% or slightly more of the world's population. Vitiligo affects both genders equally.

Types of vitiligo:

  • Generalized, in this type the patches occur at different parts of the body.

  • Segmental, the patches are restricted to one side of the body.

  • Mucosal, which affects mucous membranes of the mouth and/or the genitals.

  • Focal, which is a rare type in which the macules are in a small area and do not spread in a certain pattern within one to two years.

  • Trichome, here, the condition is in three parts. There is a white colorless center,then a area of lighter pigmentation,then normal skin.

  • Universal, is another rare type of vitiligo, and one in which more than 80% of the skin of the body lacks pigment.


The color of the skin is determined by the amount of melanin produced in the skin. When the skin cells that produce melanin are damaged, there is a lack of melanin in the skin which causes vitiligo.

Few other reasons that cause vitiligo-

  • Autoimmune disorder: The affected person’s immune system may develop antibodies that destroy melanocytes.

  • Genetic factors: Certain factors that may increase the chance of getting vitiligo can be inherited. About 30% of vitiligo cases run in families.

  • Neurogenic factors: A substance that is toxic to melanocytes may be released at nerve endings in the skin.

  • Self-destruction: A defect in the melanocytes causes them to destroy themselves.


The experts at The Skin Doctors will find the best treatment for you as per the intensity of your vitiligo. The treatments offered for vitiligo are-

  • Camouflage Therapy

  • Repigmentation Therapy

  • Light Therapy

The Skin Doctors, Pune provide the best-in-class skin care treatments. Our patient’s trust and safety is of the utmost importance. Have a chat with our experts and know more about what will suit you and help you become the special you.

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