Beneficial tips for shrinking your Pores

No one loves having big pores, but sadly, there’s no way for us to get relieved of them. The average adult woman has around 25,000 pores on her face. Having all of those pores clean and clear sounds impossible, but we all know how important it is! You can’t make your pores vanish, but you can use some of these ways to shrink them:


The initial step to shrinking your pores is having them cleaned. When you exfoliate your skin you clear out dead skin cells that can clog your pores and make them seem bigger. By using an exfoliating cleanser or a DIY face scrub, you can create a softer appearance for your skin and start to shrink your pores!


Everyone is apparently tired of hearing about the advantages of wearing sunscreen all the time, but it’s so important that we’re telling you repeatedly! Not only does sunscreen keep your skin safe from UV rays, but it also aids keep your skin’s elasticity. Sun exposure decreases your skin’s elasticity which will also loosen your pores. That means that they’re more sensitive to getting clogged…which is not what you want!

Face Masks

Self-made face masks can do miracles, as long as you’re using the right one! Using a yoghurt face mask can benefit to get relieved of the “bad” bacteria in your pores and killing the impurities on your skin. An egg white mask is also one that will tighten your skin and improve to shrink your pores.