Best Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Pimpri Chinchwad

For people, shaving was once something we desperately needed the privilege of doing. Once that initial excitement fades off, we may find individually looking for any way we can to make hair removal further convenient. If you’ve started this stage, you have a lot to achieve by exploring the option of laser hair removal. We enjoy providing this service in our Pune Skin Clinic (The Skin Doctors). We give priority to 100% satisfaction with the help of our experienced dermatologists and US-FDA approved the latest technology.

What’s So Helpful About Laser Hair Removal?

Patients who experience laser hair removal don’t have to do much at all to plan for treatment. We recommend avoiding tanning and sunbathing prior to treatment to provide the skin and hair to give optimal contrast. Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in hair, so the extra tanned the skin is, the further difficult this may be. Once treatment begins, we simply list subsequent sessions about every 8 weeks. Sometimes, patients are able to stop shaving after their very initial treatment.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Pain?

Most patients are slightly worried about the pain they may feel during laser hair removal. Interestingly, the expectation that has been set is pretty old. In maximum cases, laser hair removal causes minimal distress, particularly when you relate it to other treatments like waxing. To minimize pain, your provider may rub a numbing cream into your skin prior to the procedure. Depending on the body part and your pain tolerance, you may not need any numbing cream at all.

Pro Tip: a day or two before your laser hair removal treatment, shave the region that will be treated. This reduces the length of hair through which laser energy must progress and therefore diminishes the sensation of heat that may be felt.

Should You Expect Permanent Results From Laser Hair Removal?

During laser hair removal treatments, two things occur. First, powerful laser energy vaporizes the hairs that are in the follicles. Then, the heat from strands of hair shifts to the walls of each hair follicle. This impairs the ability to continue generating hair. By the end of a range of treatments, the entire hair growth cycle is disturbed and follicles are permanently altered. At some point, rare hair growth may occur. Specific hairs are usually much thinner due to the diminished function in hair follicles. If desired, a touch-up treatment can be implemented to stop hair growth.

Get the smooth skin you want before this season. Schedule laser hair removal at The Skin Doctors, Pune’s renowned skin clinic by calling 09373557766.

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