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Hair loss is a commonly caused hair condition in teenagers to old age people. Hair plays a significant role in our looks and appearing as ourselves.

It is normal to lose a few hairs, around 50 to 100 a day. But it is alarming when more hair loss occurs at a single time. New hair usually replaces the lost hair. But, due to some underlying conditions, this might not happen. That’s when you need to contact your Dermatologist.

Everything You Need to Know


Balding and hair loss occur across all age groups. It is necessary to get an accurate diagnosis for hair loss and identify the cause.

Multiple factors are responsible for hair loss -

  • Vitamin deficiency: Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining your hair. Vitamin D deficiency causes thinning of hair or new hair can also stop growing. The hair becomes damaged and weak.

  • Dieting: Hair loss that results due to heavyweight loss from restrictive diets is a temporary condition.

  • Stress: Stress is a common cause of hair loss. People under any heavy stress like traumas tend to shed more hair.

  • Medication and supplements: daily blood pressure medications or high doses of vitamins can cause hair loss. Genetics: Genetics is the main reason that causes baldness in men. Genes can also determine the severity of hair loss.

  • Hormones: Hormonal changes caused due to pregnancy, and menopause can result in hair loss.

  • Ageing: As age increases, some changes in the body can cause balding.

  • Styling Products: Using different products to manipulate your hair thins and damages them.

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Firstly by studying and determining the cause of your hair loss, a suitable treatment is programmed for you. Hair loss is preventable if detected at an early stage. Advanced treatment is also available that can reverse baldness. The Skin Doctors specialize in hair regrowth and will give you positive results for your hair loss conditions.

Latest treatments for Hair loss-

  • Hair Transplant: The most common and effective treatment for hair loss. A patch of hair from your back or other body part is moved to the bald area of the head. 

  • PRP Therapy: In this treatment using a needle your plasma is injected into your scalp, to stimulate the natural growth of your hair. This treatment is suitable for both men and women.

  • Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy is an ideal treatment for hair fall victims. The treatment is painless and non-surgical.

 The Hair experts at The Skin Doctors can help you recover through hair loss and hair thinning by providing the finest Hair Transplant treatment in Pune. We provide methods and techniques to deliver expected results and ensure patient satisfaction. Contact us at The Skin Doctors to know more about the procedure and if you have any queries regarding the treatment.

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