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Dark Circles

Dark circles are dark, discolored circles around the eyes. They are usually caused by lack of sleep, genetics, allergies, stress, dehydration, aging, and excessive sun exposure. Dark Circles around the lower eyelids are very commonly observed in everyone. These dark circles make us look tired and dull. Dark circles are never a cause of concern but who likes to appear tired even if they are not? Dark Circles also make the lower eyelid look baggy and change our appearance.


We believe that dark circles are caused to lack of sleep and change in sleep schedules. But the truth is there are many more reasons that can cause these dark spots around our eyes.

Some Other Causes of dark circles-

  • Aging

  • Fatigue

  • Eye Strain

  • Allergies

  • Sun exposure


Dark Circles can affect anyone at any age for a variety of reasons. The treatments that are available to control dark circles -

  • Chemical peels to reduce pigmentation

  • Laser surgery to resurface the skin and enhance skin tightening

  • Tissue fillers to conceal blood vessels and melanin that cause skin discoloration beneath your eyes

  • Surgical implants of fat or synthetic products

  • Carboxytherapy increases blood flow to the area under the eyes


The Skin Doctors are well known for their best-in-class treatments for Skin Care. We use technology and machinery approved by the FDA standards. We can help you look like the best version of yourself. Our patient's safety is of the utmost importance.

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